The best films of comic geniuses slapstick: Chaplin, Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy.

In turn, work cycles contemporary animation (pixilation, stop-motion, 3D and traditional) in short and feature-length films without dialogue format.

The music in the service of the images as a tool that highlights highlights and emphasizes each scene.

We have various professional groups with different styles: jazz, swing, blues, tango and flamenco. ? + Musicians Information

Cinemàtic Trío (piano, guitar and percussion)
From jazz to the bolero , through cha cha cha, havanera, swing, latin jazz and rumba-flamenco.
Jazz-Tango Quartet (piano, double bass, clarinet and drums)
Perfect fusion of tango and jazz.
Incertis Trío (two guitars and drums)
Mix of styles from jazz-swing, manouche and blues.

The projections may be carried out in any room or public space. It is ideal for plazas and public parks, theaters, schools, cultural centers, festivals, etc.

We address a wide audience enjoying a different cultural activity. All ages and all languages. Our credentials: + mood music as universal languages.